Act, React, or Know: What is Your Status?

23 September 2022

Life is an exciting journey. Whether you have a Spiritual belief or not - life still happens. Many times, we struggle with perceptions rather than reality, which makes matters so much worse while dealing with a crisis. For the Christian Believer faith is the ultimate goal, and sometimes - some people are led to believe that emotions and faith are mutually exclusive. WRONG! Even the strongest faith can be challenged and feel like it is wavering. Jesus, in the Garden of Gethsemane, agonized over going to the cross even though He knew the ending. His emotions were so high, and He was so distraught that the Bible says he sweated blood. You do not get more stressed than this, yet his Faith did not waver in the least. The circumstances of life can take us to a level of stress where we believe we cannot survive - even if we are a Christian Believer. Too often, those who profess faith think they must show no stress to the world, or it appears they have no faith. As human beings, stress is an internal, innate emotion that allows us to deal with circumstances without breaking. The person who never cries is generally not in a healthy place of being. Those who come to us to pray for them can be more deterred by a Christian acting as if there is no stress than a Christian facing it unafraid. When I look through the lens of those not in a Spiritual relationship, I understand why they hesitate to join the church. What if I cannot maintain the profile of a Christian? If I am expected to be the example, I must be perfect for doing so. These and many more false beliefs keep people living in 'happenstance' instead of faith.

Even amongst Christians, there is a false sense of judgement regarding those who do not react with false righteousness in crisis. We all walk the Christian walk at various levels of faith, various assignments from God and various personalities to accomplish the purpose of God. Pastors are a breed all their own. Whether 10 congregants or 1000 congregants, the challenges are generally non-stop (or so it may seem). These wounded leaders must be able to put aside their emotions in the smaller crisis to survive and get into the larger ones. We learn over time not to be hyper-sensitive to happenstance because we understand the personality of God and the faith placed within us. Think about it, if we fell apart as easily as those we have been assigned - the ministry could not function. Tough skin does not equate to a lack of emotions but the divine ability to see past them. But the true crisis that cannot be controlled by our actions and impact our loved ones often bring about the emotional trauma that can be seen by others. I was taught by wise mentors to be forever vigilant about appearances of weakness and immortality. To be human is to experience emotions, but do not judge until you can walk in the shoes of the one you are judging. Being human is an asset in evangelism so that the persons understand that it is Christ who saves, not we ourselves. What do you think?