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Engagement Without a Microphone

Embrace Love

Whether you invite the Word in through a person or circumstance or it finds you unexpectedly - embrace the love that is being given and acknowledge the sacrifice of receiving it. To receive from "the chosen" is to receive a pre-destined blessing.

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Bad Company Corrupts Good Character

Relationships can change over time, but we are responsible for our affiliations and must live out our faith ... regardless of what others do. Often people change and normalize things that are contrary to our faith. Are we bad people for distancing ourselves? What the Word of God say?

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The Simplicity of the Word of God

Stop struggling to read the Word of God, it is too important to miss anything. Understand the principles and precepts of the Word of God and open new doors of understanding that can positively change your life & those you influence forever.

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How Do You Serve A God Who Wants More Than What You Have?

This podcast speaks to the listeners who made need to re-engineer their thinking in order to offset assets they don't have. Wisdom is in the Word of God, so we access it to reveal those things necessary for success. Join me as we take the mystery out of the book for you to use.

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Act, React, or Know: What is Your Status?

If you have ever faced a life crisis, had your faith challenged or simply had to get past a situation - this podcast is for you. We address the differences between emotions and faith and what to do with both.

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Influenced by Greatness

Influencers are those who wish to make an impact on the world by setting trends and celebration of their cause. Then there are great Influencers who impact the world with who they are and how they show up. Today we reflect upon their greatness,

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Wisdom for Today

Challenges of today differ somewhat from yesterday because of new technology. Understand the wisdom needed for survival and the tools to harvest this wisdom for the good of all. A Blog that support the Podcast for Everyone on "100 With DrRobbie". Let's talk.

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Christ commands self-love

Bookmark has created a blogging platform built with the same technology as the website builder. Simply drag-and-drop modules onto your page to build your blog posts.

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