Embrace Love

7 January 2023

There are times when we feel as though others invade our space - but often, they are on a larger assignment than we might understand at the time. Have you ever thought about the sacrifice of the ones bringing you your blessing? Have you considered the awesome intimidation of being assigned to speak for God? Those that are given the assignment are no braver than yourself, but place their fears behind them to embrace your conditions. Those who "put themselves out there" do so with the same fear everyone faces when they realize they are not smart enough or talented enough to do the job, so they must depend on God. Assignments are hard, especially when you realize your own limitations. In contrast, there are those whose ego supplants any favor they may have - so they speak in arrogance. Sometimes it's difficult to tell the difference, but here is a guaranteed method of distinguishing between those who are genuine or arrogant. If you truly are unsure if the person is genuinely sent by God, stop and ask God (whether you believe it or not) to reveal their motives to you. If the person is coming in sincerity, it will be shown to you, but if they exist in their own comfort - God will allow you to see it. Worry not; God is big enough to overtake any situation, and the fact that you asked ... is more than enough to get God's attention. Try it for yourself, and remember, if it is confirmed - listen and embrace your blessing.