Influenced by Greatness

9 September 2022

Just in case no one told you and you happen to live without internet, television, or radio communication, Queen Elizabeth II departed this life yesterday. She was not my Queen but she was a symbol of genuine "love of country", decency and responsibility. Her beloved son Prince (now King) Charles will take over and the shoes he has to fill must be overwhelming. I don't know much about him, As I reflected upon the Queen that reigned 70 years with timeless grace, dignity, and responsibility - I personally feel a loss. The Royal family of England made me reflect upon our own Royals in the USA and what we all can do to make this world a better place. Robin Williams made us laugh at ourselves and the issues of the day but could not find peace in his own soul. Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg fought for the rights of women and those who did not have a voice as a tiny woman with a platform to speak truth to power. John Lewis, truly a humble man was determined to set things right even if it meant enduring "good trouble". I ask you who packs a lunch for a beatdown = John Lewis. Betty White brought dignity and fair play to her career and opened doors for those with talent but without support. Martin Luther King Jr. was a brilliant strategic advocate that took on the evil of this world with non-violence but died at the hand of a shooter. President Barak Hussain Obama and my 1st Lady Michelle Obama were the first African American First Family. They showed up and changed the perception of African American lifestyles forever. We knew the horror they faced in this role so Black America put them on our collective prayer list for 8 years, I dare you to go into an African American home with residents 50 years old or older and NOT find a picture of the Obamas or their names in the household Bible, God said Prayer changes things and we held Him to it. Queen Elizabeth II brought her value system of responsibility, a duty of service, and love of country to a world that trusts no one. Queen Elizabeth II is an icon that will be truly missed.