The Simplicity of the Word of God

22 October 2022

Understanding the Word of God is the most important thing you can do - whether you are an active Christian or not. The principles and precepts undergirding the scriptures are fundamental to your lifestyle successes. Getting a firm grasp on "the why" ultimately impacts "the how" your existence can manipulate life. First, find a translation of the Bible that fits your understanding and style. Starting with the Living Bible is an easy way to get the underlying meaning and go deeper when you are ready. The New Living Translation is my favorite; the English Standard Version is said to be the most accurate (translated from the text of the Bible day: Hebrew and Greek). Be careful to get a translation rather than an interpretation because the "interpretation" gives you information through the subjective eyes of culture and may not be translated from the original text. For me, I want to understand through the eyes of Christ, not the cultural lens of today.

Knowing first and foremost that all things are working for your good (because you are loved by Christ and are called according to His purpose) - we begin to see the undergirding precepts and principles of living our lives on purpose. In my opinion, purpose cannot be put in pre-defined categories but is subject to what God has ordained for you. So someone else cannot dictate your purpose because they are not designed specifically to get the job done - you are. It may look different than others believe it should because it is your assignment and divine ideas differ from human ones. Our Bible is a collection of stories about one family as they grow and matriculate through history. Notice that their family looks a lot like yours. People have struggled in the same ways for generations. Technology, knowledge, and newly acquired skill sets do not change people's character but are merely tools to use as we live. God also has not changed, and His purpose continues to be that we are made to accomplish an assignment that impacts and enhances the lives of others. A perception that we are saved and loved for ourselves is a myth that comes directly from hell. If that were the case, Christ would have to die over and over for each person. Instead, we are the tools used by God to help others. When Jesus, the Christ, died, we gained direct access to God just like the chosen people of Israel (which, by the way, the tribe of Israel was comprised of many cultures suffering under the same oppression - not the same race or culture). Their common struggle and belief in God made them a tribe who were chosen as God's people. Who is in your tribe? Who shares your common struggle?

Understanding the agricultural references in the Bible makes it easier to draw references to today. In Biblical times there were no cars, so the mode of travel was by walking or riding animals. Consequently, the traveler's feet were filthy upon arrival. It was customary to offer a basin with water to wash guests' feet and more so if they were a person of authority or beloved. Today, this equates to offering refreshments to those coming after a long journey. It is looking after the welfare of the person you care for by meeting their basic needs, and sometimes these needs are unpleasant, but you do so because of your love. Who really wants to go to an airport and deal with the traffic, crowds, and noise to pick up your guest? It is a sacrificial act - like offering someone your money even though you need it because they need it more than you. Gideon, in the Book of Judges, was a nobody from a family of nobodies and was the least of that family. God's messenger spoke into Gideon's future when he called him "a mighty warrior" and then proceeded to move his life in that direction. What has God spoken about in your life, and are you ready to move into the position of honor God is giving you? Reading the Bible allows you to understand the hidden treasures given by God and then enables you to add these treasures to your life and those you influence. This choice is yours because Christ died for us. Life and death are in the tongue - choose life. (Proverbs 18:21)