Wisdom for Today

2 September 2022

In an information age, we have everything necessary to discern the truth - yet we allow a standard of untruth. Advertising and Marketing has created an acceptable methodology of providing untruths and guaranteeing their truthfulness. They openly accept the risk that the Consumer may ask for a refund or sue the company when a product is found to be dangerous or does not perform as described. We, as Consumers, encourage this behavior because we refuse to purchase anything that does not claim to be 100% satisfactory to our needs - even if we know it to be untrue.

This acceptance of blatant lies has provided a comfort zone and allowed the public to ignore the truth in destructive ways. Science tells us that we need oxygen to breathe, yet we refuse to come to the rescue of our main source of oxygen: the rainforest. Instead, we accept its destruction for sacred monetary gains for the next generation. When do we ask how the children will live without the oxygen we have forsaken? Oil is destroying the atmosphere, yet we cling to gasoline for life even though it delivers death. Climate change is proven, but we collectively and individually accept our demise for a few good years of monetary wealth or comfort. Our reluctance to decipher the truth from the mountain of information is frightening. Our unquenchable thirst for power and possessions overshadows our common sense.

DrRobbie addresses the wisdom needed for today as the need to find the truth. In a mountain of information, we have a responsibility to find truth and act in our best interest (which, by the way, is in the best interest of the planet and humanity as well). DrRobbie looks at the Book of Hosea to reveal a conversation between God and himself. Like a parent of a wayward child, He rants about the Israelite's disobedience and, for chapters, describes their adulterous and belligerent ways. The Father cannot believe that after He has done - everything to protect, provide and teach them, they simply ignore His commands. As you read the Book, you get details as to what, why, and how God intends to repay their disobedience, but in the end, he recants because of love. If God, who answers to no one, is willing to recant His own laws for the sake of love, why are we as a people so unwilling to do the same and give mercy and a second chance? Our love of self, of earth, and God should mandate our good stewardship of what we have been given. The next generation of people deserves the same level of love from us as God has given to us. The information is there - science has proven that without oxygen, we die. Science has proven unless we change our fuel usage and source - the atmosphere will not survive. Science and history have proven that unless we heed the warnings of the past, we are destined to repeat them. Let us individually and collectively seek truth and then act upon it with mercy for the future of our next generations. What do you think?