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We Care About You, Your Life & Your Faith Journey

(TCOR) Theios Divinity has at its core the purpose of “Application of Faith for Life.” Our goal is to assist others in obtaining their goals spiritually and socioeconomically. We develop and work in collaboration with other agencies to develop housing, education, and wellness programs that enhance the lives of those in need. We expanded from a Public Benefit to align ourselves with the churches, but we are positioned to work with everyone to realize an enhanced lifestyle. We believe that “Faith” is an action word, and our journey is to actively help sustain equitable growth for life in Communities in Need.

Faith Journey
As Believers in Christ, our core values are Biblically based on love - which is universal. We believe that all have the right to hear the Gospel. Jesus tells us this in John 6:39: "And this is the will of him who sent me, that I shall lose none of all those he has given me, but raise them up at the last day." Thieos Divinity focuses on the needs of those people Jesus died to set free.

We care about your faith journey because we know your faith is your Call to Action in Discipleship for Christ. We aim to help you find Christ in every aspect of life and apply Biblical wisdom for lifelong victory. It's not where you worship; but how you activate your Faith for life.

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Understanding is everything and providing that at times like these is so important. The closest thing to being there,

Noel Kingsley

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The virtual small groups have something to offer everyone and provide support . To be able to share your faith makes the journey so much easier.

Emerson Sousa

    

The worship experience was phenomenal. I cannot wait to see how introduce the next level of worship into this space.

Blake Feldman

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