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Our Goals in Service to You

We Are Focused

Providing service via : our Spiritual & Relationship Coaching sessions, classes & / or worship is our goal. Whatever We Do, Whoever We Touch However We Invest - We Must Do do service in accordance with our calling.

We Are Sincere

Theios Divinity's sincerity of goal is reflected in our decision to journey in Spiritual Excellence. We prioritized this call by chosing Mastery rather than certification, in preparation for service. 2 Tim 2:15

We Are Committed

Our Committment to Discipleship is the result of our Integrity in Ministry - to do what is right, even when wrong is available. Service in this army requires an unwavering sense of dedication.

We Are Easy

A call to Ministry is a mandate to make the Mystery of the scripture clear so that the people of God can use its contents in their daily lives. "Therefore go and make Disciples ..." (not members)

Matthew 28:19 NIV