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Bless Me Indeed & Enlarge Our Territory!

Bless Me Indeed was our prayer, and it is so. We are serving more, engaging more, and expanding our services to more 'Communities in Need'. As we continue to strive to do the ministry provided to us, we stretch our hands toward the needs of housing, education, and wellness. Support us as we move into a greater space of less comfort, but is far more effective for the people Christ died to save.

97% More Reached

40% More Donations

70% More Engagement

37% More Conversions

Understanding your assignment or purpose during difficult times is essential in remaining faithful in the completion of your given task. Theios Divinity is clear about our assignment of Discipleship for the Family of Faith. Our focus is on creating a launching point for Discipling the world by teaching Biblical truth wrapped in the practical application of the WORD of God. We don't challenge societal belief; but inform them in truth.

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Eddie C. Kapp

DrRobbie graduated from Claremont Theology in CA and contextualizes the gospel for the sake of clarity.

Jakala T.

I like the small virtual groups and look forward to Mastermind events.

L. Garcia

Children's programming is where I want to serve.

Brooke C.

Theatre is the ministry of my choice & calling. Let's shout the truth from the rafters for all.

Join a virtual group.

Come and join group us on Zoom. It is a great way to get to know us from the inside out. We are always super casual and come with an expectancy of finding new ways to support one another. Regardless of your background, affiliation or age you are welcome as we divide the WORD of truth and leverage our individual experiences for the benefit of all. We submit a topic of interest which may be chosen by RevDr Robbie for discussion. If you love God and want to know more about how to help others this is definitely the place for you. Join Us!#Participation

Support this ministry

We finance this ministry through virtual / live events, products, 1:1 personalized Spiritual Coaching and donations. The ultimate Mastermind classes are developed from "The Master's Mind" to address topics or current events. Masterminds always include scholarships to ensure all can attend (let us know in your message). EBooks are available (in fact one is in the works .. right now) and DrRobbie can be schduled for Spiritual Coaching. Donations are greatly appreciated. Join Us!#Participation

Spiritual Coaching

As people of faith, we always want the influence of the WORD of God. Spiritual Coaching helps keep you focused on the tasks at hand. DrRobbie is a master strategist and will assist you in planning and creating your path to reach your goals. She has 20 years experience in managing programs and deadlines in both the secular and church vocations. Together you will develop a plan, create a path and meet each milestone to victory. Reduced rates are available for those who qualify. Meetings are virtual. Join Us!#Participation

Need a Word

Sometimes in the midst of the week, we simply need to hear the WORD of God for encouragement. Pastor Robbie provides this through a virtual message. Her style is practical clarity so that the power of the gospel can penetrate your situation or circumstance. Pastor is licensed, ordained and educated in the nuances of scripture so that she may "... rightly divide the word of truth." If your particular situation is challenging, feel free to let Pastor Robbie know in your message. #Participation

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