Social Engagement

It's Time To Do More Than Talk

Although we are a religious organization, we have a strict NO Proselytizing rule for all Social Engagement programs. We understand the need to follow the rules, and we do so. Our programs are developed to be beneficial to all of society, irrespective of beliefs.

  • Introducing P.A.T.T.
    Pan-African Think Tank

  • Pan-African Lifestyle Action Network (PLAN)

  • Capstone Living Residents (CLR) Program

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It takes the connectivity of a “Village” to work together to successfully raise a child to adulthood that is: self-aware, compassionate, and a conscious participant in creating a successful future for humankind. In a world of ever-increasing neighborhood diversity, it is the responsibility of each community to ensure they are contributing to the whole for better life. Shared value systems and unique needs of each sect can only be addressed through strategies that are designed to positively impact the future for all concerned. As we refine our intellect and creativity, we effectively add to the collective conversation for the future of collective success. Consider joining the solution, so we can reduce the challenges of the problems in our community. Be a part of the change. LEARN MORE

A grant has provided the tools and technology to develop the Pan-African Lifestyle Action Network (PLAN) to provide free mentorship to young Pan-African youth & young adults. Integrated communication, allows us to reach out through a virtual hub to mentor students in areas of education, careers, entrepreneurship, and life skills they need to succeed. We are currently seeking assigned gender mentors from various fields and walks of life to speak success into the lives of these young persons. Although there are no race barriers, we target the unique needs of Pan-African youth & young adults in our current society. Sign up below.  LEARN MORE

Public and private organizations at all levels are struggling to resolve the homeless crisis. Many believe that mentally challenged Consumers make up a significant number of the population. In spite of this, one solution does not fit all. Many Consumers function at a high level but have never been trained to master living in total independence. The Capstone Living Residents (CLR) Program is designed to do just that. Affordable housing is uniquely designed to meet the needs of those living on the mental spectrum and teach the mastery of living with their condition in their own space consistently.  LEARN MORE

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